Mariela Gumbs

Marriott's Aruba Surf Club

When I first signed-up for the counseling program, I was very excited to be a part of it — thinking that I would be able to understand how [coaching] works one on one… misunderstanding. Never did it once cross my mind that I would be the one sitting and talking to the Coach. Now there is nothing wrong talking to a Coach, but for me, this takes me out of my comfort zone. When it comes to talking about myself… it’s like asking me to look at blood, of which I have a phobia, lol. Nevertheless, having the opportunity to discuss all aspects of life openly and honestly without prejudice, helped me gain a different understanding of myself. The Beyond the Fence sessions with Kari Heron have improved my outlook and perspectives mightily; Happy with the balance, which was tailored to my specific situations, I liked that it covered a broad range of tips/ advice which is helping me change the things I do & want to do.