Cheng Santosidad

Aruba's Marriott Surf Club

When distinguishing a single phrase to describe my experience with this coaching session, my mind concludes that it is an “eye opener” for me as it gave me the moment to pause, think, talk about things uncovering the real me which I never thought I could do.

Every time I finish a session with you it feels like another dimension of my life has been lifted enabling me to have a better understanding of myself. What I found most helpful about this coaching was discovering my area to improve, talent and strength – and let it shine…

On numerous occasions, you unblocked my uncertainty and helped me create a well-thought out make over that goes well with my personality, and positively affect my team/ department. I am so grateful for your insightful coaching. You are on the mark with what I needed to change / do to move forward with myself - you get it and see the real me… freeing the potential in me.

My time with you was well spent. For this, I would like to recommend this to everyone. You are even-handed voice of guidance who will lead someone to short-term solutions, with long-term gains—within myself and my career.