My name is Kari Alana Heron. I am a storyteller. I tell three dimensional stories about food, culture, travel and life.

I connect with people. My work connects with people. I use images, words and sounds to tell your story.

As a certified breakthrough coach, I help you find your story, challenge it and re-write the story you really want.

I come from a productive career in media and communications. Brand and content strategy are my hobbies. I create for a living. I am the content queen.

I love food. I love creating it, cooking it, styling it, shooting it, describing it, smelling it, eating it, sharing it. I believe some of the best people work in food- from the farmer, to the purveryor, to the retailer, to the chef, food artisan and home cook. I respect the process and hands that food go through to make it to my table.

I am real. Life is real. I use real food. I tell real stories. About real people. Real brands. Real places. Real experiences.

I leave an impression.I transfer meaning. I transcend space. If you are tired of the same old and want to create something out of the box, you have come to the right place.

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